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Dataset Management
Proper dataset management is crucial for effective model training. Coretex offers robust tools allowing you to manage your data easily and iterate swiftly. Model lineages and data manipulation for professional ML practitioners.

Proper dataset management is crucial for effective model training. Coretex offers robust tools allowing you to manage your data easily and iterate swiftly. Use dataset lineages and data manipulation for more precise control, and take your data to the next level. Read on to learn about all the ways you can customize and work with your data.

Why Robust Dataset Management is Crucial for Effective ML Training?

Data collection is always cumbersome process, and doing it effectively is not an easy task. The main issue most professional ML practictioners face, when it comes to data handling, is the number of different tools that need to be used separetely one from another to achieve one single goal. Collecting your dataset, creating relations between them, finding best annotation tools for machine learning and sharing the results - these actions take a lot of time and hard labour.

Coretex strives to simplify and centralize this process, making it super easy to upload, combine, share and track all your datasets. Multiple features combined together will allow you to always be sure in what state your data is and give you insights into proper ways of using it.

Overview of Dataset module in Coretex

Dataset management in Coretex is centralized in one module, giving you full view of your current data usage and dataset versions. Datasets can be sorted, filtered and the most important pieces of information can be glanced at immediately, all within the same screen.

Dataset Management in
Dataset module in Coretex

Creating new datasets is designed to be as easy as possible, removing unnecessary obstacles and providing flexibility in types of data that can be uploaded. Whichever type of data you need, we can store. Upload your images, zip files, fasta files and more with our intuitive upload interface. Tag your datasets to further simplify the process of tracking.

Dataset Lineage
Data Lineage


Depending on your dataset type, Coretex gives you different options to annotate your samples, all of it a part of the Dataset module. For image data utilize our flexible image annotation tool - create classes and use rectangle and polygon tools to accurately mark the images.

image annotation tool
Image Annotation Tool

Dataset Sharing

Everything you create resides in a Project. Project is a space for you to keep track of all your data, task runs and results. If you need to share any of these with people within or outside your organisation, Coretex offers flexible sharing options, project based and link based.

Project sharing with ACL in Coretex
Project Sharing

Where to Go Next?

Dataset management is just a part of an entire eco-system designed to make workflows easy and iterations fast. To try all this out for yourself register a free account and explore all the platform offers.

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March 14, 2024