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Carter Brown
Carter Brown
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Brown, President of BioMech Holdings, brings decades of experience at senior operational levels.

Prior to joining BioMech, Mr. Brown was a Partner and Chief Financial Officer of Gee Holdings, LLC, a boutique private equity holding company with a portfolio of companies spanning the spectrum of mobility and software. While at Gee, Carter's responsibilities included strategy, finance, M&A, accounting, legal and HR functions. Carter served as CEO for a number of Gee's portfolio companies.

Prior to joining Gee, Carter was co-founder and Chief Financial Officer for KGRA Energy Corporation, where he raised and managed seed and secondary rounds of venture capital financing. In his 20+ year career, Carter has participated in or led the negotiation and execution of approximately $4 billion in transactions. Carter holds an MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and a BA from Vanderbilt University.

Alex Maslenikov
Alex Maslennikov
Chief Technical Director

Alex brings more than 20 years of technology and software development experience focusing on enterprise cloud systems, electronic records management, mobile application development, healthcare imaging as well as applications performance and stabilit.

Before joining the BioMech team, he worked at Aderant and was responsible for multiple products including enterprise search and document management, office integration, and case management system and later at TractManager Inc, managing data interchange technology and advanced search technologies. Mr. Maslennikov also worked for the National Institute of Health, where he enhanced the world’s biggest biomedical library, and at the National Naval Medical Center he developed innovative algorithms to improve medical image quality.

Mr. Maslennikov earned his B.S. degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and also studied at the Technical University in St. Petersburg, Russia majoring in cybernetics, computer science and mathematics. Alex enjoys playing soccer and ice hockey as well as co-coaching his son’s youth soccer team. Alex resides in North Potomac, MD with his wife and two children.

Igor Peric
Igor Perić
Director of Research and Development and General Manager of BioMech Sensor (Bosnia)

Mr. Perić is responsible for the development of the platform for experimentation with artificial intelligence, the development of the "pipeline" for data processing and the implementation of high-performance algorithms on mobile devices as the director of research and development at BioMech. He is also the CEO of BioMech Sensors (BiH), managing the legal, financial and human resources of the business, while educating young, ambitious people and helping them build their careers.

With more than ten years of experience in software engineering, Igor has successfully helped various companies grow and expand internationally by attracting talented people, building and leading development teams, and managing foreign investment capital.

Originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska, Mr. Perić obtained his MSc in robotics in France and began his doctoral studies in computational neurobiology in Germany. Mr. Perić has won several international competitions in algorithms, data structures and software development during his academic career in computing. As a senior Microsoft student partner, he was a guest speaker at several Microsoft conferences and universities. Mr. Perić was employed as a high-performance computing engineer at the European Human Brain Project, integrating neuromorphic hardware into a neurorobotic platform. He has published seven papers in international robotics journals, two of which won awards for the best paper for modeling memory formation in spiking neural networks. He also presented at numerous international conferences.

Igor authored his first US patent in 2020 working with Biomech, as well as several other patent filings for artificial intelligence and machine learning systems.

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Proof of Concept

BioMech builds revolutionary tools for objective motion measurement in healthcare and sports using our proprietary motion sensors. In the early days, data engineering was done manually by identifying patterns in motion charts. The first version of Coretex was built to enable our data team to construct motion models more rapidly. This pivot to neural network-based motion models instead of manual feature engineering improved platform speed and decreased time-to-market and costs.


Beyond motion modelling

BioMech’s early motion models were, like many other models, burdened by the need to manually - annotate and version data, manage training infrastructure, and deploy models to users with confidence… Building models, like building software, requires a rigorous process to ensure transparency, quality and automation. The set of Coretex features quickly grew into a full-fledged MLOps platform that includes experiment scheduling, tracking and versioning.


Selected strategic partners

We opened the Coretex platform to selected strategic partners to help us build out and refine the feature set. The feedback we received from clients in various industries, such as bioinformatics and computer vision, has shaped some of our core offering and improved the robustness and flexibility of the platform. Our Task runner nodes are easier to configure, more reliable, and easy to introspect when something goes wrong. Our UI is revamped to be more modern, intuitive, and clean. Our template library now includes many common tasks.


Coretex General Availability

We are ready to show the world the Coretex platform! Coretex Functions are used for the first time in production to deploy computer vision model for a customer, allowing the customer to link deployed models to their proprietary applications. We refreshed the visual identity of the product to reflect the modern tech ecosystem it was built to support. In addition, we open sourced a large part of the system and we are onboarding new users by highlighting the power and flexibility of Coretex in action.


Coretex Cloud - AI meets collective compute

In 2024, Coretex is planning to launch Coretex Collective Cloud, a protocol allowing users to profit from donating their idle computers to a collective Coretex cloud. Capitalizing on the momentum from our recent successes, strong feedback from the community and our ongoing research, this launch will be a strategic move aimed towards merging the power of AI and secure, distributed computing. Coretex Collective Cloud is more than a product release; it's a statement of our commitment to leading the charge in this new, dynamic era of large-scale cloud computation.  We are redefining how research is done on a global scale.



A brand synonymous with joy and simplicity, we envision guiding the forefront of technology and innovation through a world of limitless possibilities, where our products inspire and empower a life unbound by limitations.

Core Values

Empowering seamless innovation with a secure, all-in-one platform that safeguards your data through a secrets manager, user-controlled compute nodes, and granular access control, while keeping simplicity at its core, requiring no changes to Python code


We innovate to simplify. Our mission is to elevate daily life, providing thoughtful solutions that bridge the gap between desires and fears, making positive change an exciting and accessible part of every journey.

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